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教程英文名称:After Effects Breakdowns N-Trig Commercial
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教程使用软件:After Effects CC

Lynda After Effects Breakdowns N-Trig Commercial
Get a glimpse behind the scenes of a real-world commercial made with After Effects. This course is for artists who are familiar with After Effects and want to better understand advanced techniques, design concepts, and approaches to complex projects. The featured product is the N-trig pen, a digital pen that “draws the line from idea to technology. ” You will reverse engineer the finished project to understand the practical steps and creative decisions the filmmakers made along the way. Eran Stern shows how to decode a client brief, present design concepts for signoff, create previsualizations and animatics, and then transition the design to After Effects. Many of the effects, such as dust layers, streaks of light, and geometric lines, are achieved using some of Eran’s favorite third-party plugins (Particular, Form, and Plexus). The lessons are full of practical examples for broadcast television as well as online distribution. Along the way, Eran weaves in tips, shortcuts, and professional techniques that will amaze both veteran After Effects users and new motion graphics artists.

│ 001 Welcome.mp4
│ 002 What you should know before watching this course.mp4
│ 003 What is a digital pen_.mp4
│ 004 Analyzing the client brief.mp4
│ 005 Deciding on the artistic direction.mp4
│ 006 Presenting to the client.mp4
│ 007 Exploring previsualization and animatics.mp4
│ 008 Integrating 3D renders with After Effects.mp4
│ 009 Blue-print design comes to life.mp4
│ 010 Animating lines with Auto-trace.mp4
│ 011 Intro to Particular.mp4
│ 012 Creating dust layers with Particular.mp4
│ 013 Walk-through of the final scene.mp4
│ 014 Fancy particles transition.mp4
│ 015 Creating streaks of lights using Particular.mp4
│ 016 Adding depth of field using z-depth pass.mp4
│ 017 Intro to Form.mp4
│ 018 DNA chain using Form.mp4
│ 019 Intro to Plexus.mp4
│ 020 Adding geometric lines with Plexus.mp4
│ 021 HUDs and Scribble additions.mp4
└ 022 Wrap-up.mp4


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